Science Textbook Customization

With the introduction of new Science Curriculum Framework since 2012, Department of Curriculum Research and Development (DCRD), Ministry of Education, Paro, has been writing and implementing our own textbooks aligned to the framework for classes IV to VIII. However, with approval from 27th Curriculum Board Meeting, DCRD has decided to invite publishers and authors to customize textbooks available in the market for classes IX to XII.

Six best textbooks aligned to Science Curriculum Framework 2012 will be selected this year for classes IX and XI as listed below:

  1. Physics textbook for class IX
  2. Chemistry textbook for class IX
  3. Biology textbook for class IX
  4. Physics textbook for class XI
  5. Chemistry textbook for class XI
  6. Biology textbook for class XI

For registration, terms of reference and guidelines, contact Secondary Science Section, DCRD, Paro at following numbers:

Toll Free (office hours only): 185

Tel: +975-8-271226 / 271632 / 271214
Fax: +975-8-271991