REC Interview Result

The Royal Education Council is pleased to announce the results of interview held on 15-16 of December 2017 at Paro as follows:

1. Biology Curriculum Developer, STEM Unit

2. ICT Curriculum Developer, STEM Unit

3. Media Studies Curriculum Developer, Vocational and Commercial Studies Unit

4. Primary Science Curriculum Developer, STEM Unit

5. Administrative Assistant, Directorate

6. The post of Program Officer, Instructional Media Division is currently under process at the RCSC.

The selected candidates are requested to complete your formalities with your present organization, and report to the REC, Paro on 1st of February 2018.

For queries, please contact Ninda Dema at toll free 185 or 08-271226/271632/271214 (Ext 307) during office hours, or send email to