School Textbook Requisition for 2019 Academic Year

Given below are the lists of textbooks and teaching learning materials for schools for 2019 academic year. The lists have already been sent to the DEOs/TEOs from the Ministry of Education, and they are reproduced here for information and wider dissemination.

  1. Forwarding letter to DEO/TEO from the Ministry of Education
  2. Supply and Procurement Schedule
  3. List for Local Publications
  4. List for Outside Publications
  5. List for REC Publications

Mathematics Textbooks for Classes PP-VI

This is to inform all schools that the Royal Education Council (REC) has reviewed and revised the Student Activity Books for Classes PP–2, and Mathematics Textbooks for Classes 3–6, based on feedback and recommendations received from the schools before, during and even after the National School Curriculum Conference 2016. However, the revision of Teacher’s Guide is under process.

In the revised edition of the above-mentioned books, some units and chapters are rearranged, some lessons are deleted and some are clubbed together to maintain the flow of ideas and connection in all class levels. This has been done without actually losing the essence and standard of mathematics curriculum.

Therefore, all schools are requested to use the reprint 2017 edition of Mathematics textbooks for classes PP – VI, for your reference while teaching. These textbooks can be downloaded from the link given below or contact Mr. Geewanath Sharma and Mr. Tashi Dendup, Mathematics Curriculum Developers.

  1. Understanding Mathematics Student’s Activity Book for Class PP  (pdf)
  2. Understanding Mathematics Student’s Activity Book for Class I (pdf)
  3. Understanding Mathematics Student’s Activity Book for Class II (pdf)
  4. Understanding Mathematics Textbook for Class III (pdf)
  5. Understanding Mathematics Textbook for Class IV (pdf)
  6. Understanding Mathematics Textbook for Class V (pdf)
  7. Understanding Mathematics Textbook for Class VI (pdf)

STEM Olympiad 2018

The Royal Education Council (REC) in collaboration with Ministry of Education will be conducting the annual Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) Olympiad on 1st and 2nd June 2018 at DYS compound, Thimphu on the theme “Science and Technology for Livelihood”. The programme shall occur in three stages:

Stage 1 Proposal and Expression of Interest:
All middle and higher secondary schools (MSS, HSS and CS) submit proposal for project on or before 26th March 2018.
Stage 2 Selection of Exhibits:
30 best proposals shall be selected and the seed money shall be provided for further development of the project.
Stage 3 STEM Olympiad:
15 best projects developed by 30 HSS and MSS will compete at the national-level Olympiad 2018.

For more information, contact Bhoj Raj Rai, Coordinator, STEM Olympiad at 17642838, or email at during office hours.

Check the detailed timeline and refer the UPDATED guidelines for more information.