Curriculum and Technical Advisory Board


The Board shall comprise of the following ex-officio members:

  1. Sherig Lyonpo – Chairperson
  2. Secretary, MoE – Vice Chairperson
  3. Secretary, DDC – Member
  4. Director General, DYS, MoE – Member
  5. Director General, DAHE, MoE – Member
  6. Director General, REC – Member
  7. Secretary, BCSEA – Member
  8. Dean, PDC, REC – Member
  9. Dean, CDC, REC – Member Secretary
  10. Subject Committee Chairpersons – Member*

* Relevant subject committee chairpersons shall be invited only on need basis.

Relevant officials from REC shall attend the board meetings as non-members.


  • Review, deliberate and propose a way forward on issues related to school curriculum, teacher professional development and research;
  • Recommend/approve plans and policy proposals on curricular matters including teaching learning materials and other relevant issues concerning the school education; and
  • Approve subject committees and chairpersons.


Terms of Reference
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