History and Civics

History and Civics are taught as separate subjects from classes VII to XII. Great care has been taken to present historical truths objectively with a view to create a clear understanding of the country’s history, for strengthening and promoting the country’s rich culture and traditions. The courses are also designed to develop in students an understanding of basic principles of civics such as duties and responsibilities of citizens, and the structure and functions of various organs of the government in order to help them grow as informed, dedicated and responsible citizens in a democratic society.

Finally it would help students to understand the outside world by examining past events and changes undergone in other countries as well. This would develop in students a better view of the nature of historical changes.

For latest list of prescribed curriculum resources (textbooks, teacher guides, workbooks, references, readers, charts), refer prescribed books from Downloads section.

Mr. Thukten Jamtsho looks after this curriculum.

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