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Information Technology

The need for computer education programme in schools was first discussed in 1997-98. The findings of preliminary study revealed the need to initiate basic computer literacy programme, and reform the formal ICSE and ISC computer curriculum in use in schools.

Under CAPSD, Computer Education Section was established in 2000 to manage and coordinate computer curriculum, training and resources. The approval to reform the existing computer syllabuses for classes 9 and 10 was endorsed during the 10th CAPSD Board Meeting, and the new syllabuses for class 9 were first introduced in 2002 and for class 10 in 2003 in eight secondary schools. The new syllabuses for classes 11 and 12 followed suit in 2005.

The new syllabuses did away with the programming in preference to modern practical applications in keeping up with relevant tools of the trade for 21st century.

For latest list of prescribed curriculum resources (textbooks, teacher guides, workbooks, references, readers, charts), refer prescribed books from Downloads section.

Mr. Thinley looks after this curriculum.

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