Our Mandates

As the national epicentre for education innovation and transformation, in broad strokes, based on the empirical studies derived through in-depth reviews and research works, the Council will determine the national school curricula and teacher education programmes, and strive to improve the overall mainstream education system. Therefore, REC shall:

1.  Conduct educational research in curriculum and instruction, assessment and evaluation, teacher education, and educational policies.

2.   Review, design, develop and publish contextually relevant and cutting-edge curriculum and instructional materials for school education.

3.  Develop and pilot innovative curriculum, instructional approaches, assessment methods and teacher professional development programmes to enhance teacher competencies and student learning.

4.  Develop implementation plan to support the Ministry of Education in the implementation of the approved curriculum or new programmes.

5.  Provide and facilitate forum for academic and professional discourses and exchange of ideas and best practices at both national and international levels.

6.  Provide technical expertise and work in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

7.  Engage in joint endeavours with international institutions of similar nature to meet shared objectives and build national capacities through exchange of ideas and expertise.

8.  Seek to mobilize funds in addition to grants provided by the Royal Government, and take up assignments commissioned by stakeholders.