Resource Centre

Resource Centres (RCs) are established to support the professional development of teachers through interaction and collaborative learning. RCs are furnished with computers, copiers and other educational resources so that trainings and other professional support for the teachers of cluster schools could be provided. The overarching purpose of the RC is to provide relevant intervention to address the local needs and challenges faced by teachers of cluster schools.

As of 2008, there are 35 Resource Centres spread across the country.

  1.     Tangsibi CPS, Bumthang
  2.     Wangdicholing LSS, Bumthang
  3.     Meritsemo CPS, Chukha
  4.     Logchina CPS, Chukha
  5.     Chapcha PS, Chukha
  6.     Daga PS, Dagana
  7.     Dagapela PS, Dagana
  8.     Gasa LSS, Gasa
  9.     Tangmachu MSS, Lhuentse
  10.     Thimyul CPS, Lhuentse
  11.     Autsho CPS, Lhuentse
  12.     Nagor LSS, Mongar
  13.     Yadi LSS, Mongar
  14.     Drametse LSS, Mongar
  15.     Yurung LSS, Pema Gatshel
  16.     Tsebar PS, Pema Gatshel
  17.     Nganglam LSS, Pema Gatshel
  18.     Minjiwoong LSS, Samdrup Jongkhar
  19.     Orong LSS, Samdrup Jongkhar
  20.     Dorokha LSS, Samtse
  21.     Changangkha LSS, Thimphu
  22.     Khasadrapchu MSS, Thimphu
  23.     Rangjung PS, Trashigang
  24.     Thrimshing CPS, Trashigang
  25.     Moshi CPS, Trashigang
  26.     Kanglung LSS, Trashigang
  27.     Phongmey PS, Trashigang
  28.     Kheni PS, Trashi Yangtse
  29.     Bomdeling PS, Trashi Yangtse
  30.     Nimshong PS, Trongsa
  31.     Trongsa PS, Trongsa
  32.     Nobding, Wangdue
  33.     Khomshar PS, Zhemgang
  34.     Yebilaptsa, Zhemgang
  35.     Pantang PS, Zhemgang

More details of the Resource Centres are provided in the Resource Centre Handbook.

Mr. Wangpo Tenzin looks after this program.

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