Subject Committees


  • Adequate number of relevant school teachers/principals, and DEOs as may be required.
  • Relevant teacher educators from the colleges of education.
  • Officials from the relevant organization within the Ministry of Education such as the BCSEA and the EMSSD.
  • Relevant professionals from relevant other organizations such as the DDC for Dzongkha Subject Committee.
  • Student representatives may be invited where appropriate.


  • Deliberate on issues concerning the school curriculum in relevant subject areas.
  • Recommend and propose curricular changes in the relevant subject areas in terms of syllabuses, assessments, textbooks, guide books, studies and researches to the DCRD Board and the Ministry through the DCRD as deemed necessary.
  • Discuss, initiate and foster innovative ideas and practices in the teaching of relevant subjects among the teachers.
  • Recommend and propose continuing professional development activities for teachers of the relevant subjects as and when required.

Terms of Reference (TOR)

  • The TOR was reviewed and endorsed during the 25th CAPSD Board Meeting held on 7 June 2010.
  • TOR [Click HERE to download]

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