Accountancy and Commerce subjects were introduced into Bhutanese education system in classes XI and XII, ever since the introduction of modern education in the country. Since then, the curriculum materials developed for Indian ISC board were used for teaching the subject. As the curriculum materials were developed for different examination board, it posed numerous challenges to Bhutanese learners in terms of addressing the education need of the time, conceptual and contextual understanding, irrelevancy and obsolete information etc.

Therefore, realizing the urgency to develop Accountancy curriculum materials that best suit Bhutanese learners needs, new Accountancy curriculum framework was developed in 2016 to provide best possible accounting education needs of the time and to solve numerous challenges posed by the old curriculum.  Accordingly, textbooks were and developed and implemented in class XI in the academic year 2019 and progressively in class XII in the following year.

The new Accountancy curriculum is aligned with Bhutanese Accounting Standards (BAS) which was introduced in the country since 201to converge Bhutanese financial reporting standards with the international practices. All the incorporated companies and SMEs are required to prepare financial statements and report as per the standards. Introduction of such standards in education system is to provide practical experience and skills to ensure ready employment upon completion of their studies.


To overcome the challenges posed by the exiting curriculum, the task for developing the new Commerce Curriculum started since 2018 by developing a curriculum Framework. It attempts to provide best possible business and entrepreneurship educational for lifelong learning and to prepare our learners to take-up business related career upon completion of their studies.

Entrepreneurship education has become one of the important essential learning areas in any education system to develop knowledge and skills to generate business ideas and establish businesses to create employment opportunities in the country. Similarly, entrepreneurship education has become crucial for Bhutan with emerging unemployment issue in the country. Further, Bhutan is exposed to the global market where ethical issues such as product adulteration, exorbitant prices, integrity and trust, customer rights, breach of moral and ethical duty which pose grave concerns in small society like ours.

Thus, the new Commerce curriculum not only intends to impart right knowledge and skills on business and entrepreneurship, but also teaches values and ethics in carrying out business.

Accountancy and Commerce Subject Committee Members