Terms of Reference for TLM Selection Committee

The committee provides subject expertise in the various subject areas in evaluating and recommending the most effective and relevant teaching and learning materials (TLMs). The committee is instrumental in aligning the teaching learning resources to the pedagogy and teaching learning tools in the implementation of the curriculum.


The TLM Selection Committee shall constitute the following:

  • The committee shall consist of the Chairperson, Member Secretary and with adequate representation of relevant specialists, teachers and other professionals, as members;
  • DCPD will set up one-time TLM Selection Committee as and when necessary;
  • Chairperson shall be nominated from amongst the committee members; and
  • Member Secretary shall be an official from IMD.

Nomination Criteria of the Members
The committee members shall possess the following experiences, competencies, skills and personal qualities:

  • Field experience of at least 5 years.
  • Sound knowledge of the curriculum, assessment, content and pedagogy.
  • Good communication skills.
  • High integrity, honesty and committed to task assigned.

Overall Functions

The functions of the TLM Selection Committee shall be to:

  • Review TLMs in detail as per the requirement of the prescribed curriculum.
  • Evaluate TLMs by using standard TLMs Evaluation Form endorsed by the concerned Subject Committees.
  • Recommend TLMs to Subject Committee.


  • Chair the Committee meetings.
  • Ensure all the evaluation forms are duly completed and countersigned.
  • Ensure all members adhere to agreed working procedure.
  • Ensure that all the decisions are documented and forwarded to DCPD.
  • Maintain confidentiality of the evaluation and proposed TLMs at all times.

Member secretary

  • Prepare agenda and selection process;
  • Coordinate with respective Unit Head and Dean to convene meetings;
  • Ensure that the list of recommended TLMs are endorsed by the Committee;
  • Record the minutes of the meetings;
  • Apprise the DCPD Management on the outcomes of the meeting;
  • Ensure the safekeeping of all records and correspondence of the Committee; and
  • Maintain confidentiality of the evaluation and proposed TLMs at all times.

TLM Committee members

  • Declare conflict of interest.
  • Evaluate each TLMs using TLMs Evaluation Form.
  • Discuss and endorse the recommended list of TLMs.
  • Discuss and suggest ways of improving TLMs.
  • Maintain confidentiality of the evaluation and proposed TLMs at all times.

Decision Making

The TLMs Selection Committee shall make decisions based on the following considerations:

  • Each selected and recommended TLM is as per the TLMs Evaluation Form.
  • Each TLMs is evaluated at least by three members.
  • Each selected and recommended TLM shall be based on the highest average score.
  • If case of tie in average, the respective TLM shall be evaluated by a fourth member.

Remuneration of the Members

The members shall be paid financial entitlements such as TA and DA as per the existing financial norms.