Terms of Reference for Curriculum and Technical Advisory Board

The Curriculum and Technical Advisory Board (CTAB) is the apex decision making body to provide professional and technical guidance. The CTAB shall recommend and/or approve curriculum matters, research activities and professional development programmes in terms of quality and relevancy.


The Board shall comprise of the following ex officio members:

     1.  Sherig Lyonpo - Chairperson

     2.  Secretary, Ministry of Education (MoE) - Vice Chairperson

     3.   Secretary, Dzongkha Development Commission - Member

     4.   Director General, Department of School Education, MoE - Member

     5.   Director General, Department of Youth and Sports, MoE - Member

     6.   Director, Department of Adult and Higher Education, MoE - Member

     7.   Director, Department of Curriculum and Professional Development (DCPD) - Member

     8.   Director, Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment - Member

     9.   Dean, Professional Development Centre, DCPD - Member Secretary

     10. Dean, Curriculum Development Centre, DCPD - Member Secretary


*  Chairpersons of relevant subject committees shall be invited to attend the board meeting as members.

*  Membership shall be reviewed as and when required. Relevant officials from DCPD shall attend the Board Meeting as non-members.


1.  Review, deliberate and propose a way forward on issues related to school curriculum, teacher professional development and research.

2.  Recommend/approve plans and policy proposals on curricular matters including teaching learning materials and other relevant issues concerning the school education.

3.  Approve subject committees and chairpersons.



1. Provide direction and guidance to the Board;

2. Review and approve provisional agenda submitted by the Secretariat for Board Meetings;

3. Conduct effective board meetings by encouraging the members to engage in open and constructive debate, and secure active participation and contribution of all members;

4. Arbitrate and resolve conflicting opinions to reach consensus; and

5. The Vice Chairperson shall chair the meeting in absence of the Chairperson.


Member Secretary:

1. Inform the members of the date and venue of the meeting;

2. Circulate the agenda and relevant documents in advance; and

3. Compile the proceedings of the meetings and finalise the minutes within two weeks of the meeting.



1. Attend the board meetings regularly;

2. Prepare for meetings in advance by reading the agenda and other relevant documents;

3. Engage in open and constructive debate; and

4. Sign on the minutes of meetings.


Decision Making
The decisions shall be taken through consensus of simple majority. In the event there is no consensus, the Chairperson shall make the final call through the exercise of his vote.

Frequency of Meetings
The CTAB shall convene twice a year. It shall also be convened as and when required.

The attendance of two-third of the members shall constitute the quorum.

Conflict of Interest
The members shall inform and declare conflict of interest prior to any board meeting.

The members and participants in the meeting shall claim their DSA/TA from their own organizations.