Health and Physical Education

Subject Committee Members

HPE subject committee members have been not approved by the CTAB. 

Health and Physical Education is a learning process that contributes to the optimum development of an individual’s potential including health, growth and development, and physical and psycho-social competencies through a balanced and coherent range of physical activities.

The HPE curriculum aspires to promote holistic development of an individual including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social dimensions. The curriculum emphasizes the promotion of: “learning ABOUT movements” such as philosophical, scientific, and social aspects; “learning IN movements” in terms of physical skills, techniques, etc.; “learning THROUGH movements which includes attitudes, values, and morality; and “learning FOR fitness and wellbeing promotion”.

The activity book for each class-level consists of number of activities designed to address each of the three strands. Each activity has specific lesson objectives addressing three domains of learning – Doing, Knowing and Valuing, descriptions and procedures to guide effective lesson delivery, and reflection or debriefing. Differentiated activities are designed based on the performance indicators and are progressive in nature.

The activities included in the book are suggestive, and can be used to achieve more than one learning objective of different strands. Also, each activity can be taught and practiced in more than one lesson period focusing the same or different objectives.