Our Mandates

DCPD as the national epicentre for education innovation and transformation shall determine the national school curricula and teacher professional development programmes, and strive to improve the overall mainstream education system.

Therefore, the DCPD is mandated to:

  1. Review, innovate, and develop relevant curriculum and teaching learning materials for school education.
  2. Develop and provide teacher professional development programmes for efficient implementation of school curriculum.
  3. Conduct research in curriculum and instruction, assessment and evaluation, teacher education and educational policies.
  4. Innovate and strengthen educational technology to support design and delivery of curriculum, professional development and educational research.
  5. Provide forum to facilitate academic and professional discourses at national and international levels.
  6. Provide technical expertise and work in collaboration with relevant national and international stakeholders.
Curriculum Development Centre

The Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) consists of five units: STEM Unit, Languages and Rigzhung Unit, Social Sciences Unit, Commercial and Vocational Unit, and ECCD and SEN Unit. 

The CDC shall determine the national curriculum for the mainstream school education in the country. 

The Centre shall carry out the following responsibilities: 

  1. Review, innovate, and develop school curriculum and TLMs; 
  2. Provide monitoring and professional support services for effective curriculum implementation; 
  3. Conduct research in curriculum and instruction, and assessment and evaluation, in collaboration with Research Division; 
  4. Conduct orientation on revised or new curriculum, and provide professional development programme, in collaboration with Professional Development Centre; and 
  5. Diversify school curriculum as per the national needs. 
Professional Development Centre

The Professional Development Centre (PDC) consists of three units: Teacher Professional Development Unit, Leadership Professional Development Unit and Professional Standards Development Unit. 

The PDC shall determine professional development programmes for teachers and school leaders for effective implementation of the curriculum. 

The Centre shall carry out the following responsibilities: 

  1. Identify, develop and deliver need-based professional development programmes to support capacity development, in collaboration with CDC; 
  2. Conduct orientation programmes on revised and new curriculum, in collaboration with CDC; 
  3. Conduct research in innovative pedagogies and integrate in the curriculum in collaboration with CDC and RD; 
  4. Provide monitoring and professional support services for implementation of professional development programmes; 
  5. Set professional standards for entry into various teaching and school leadership levels; 
  6. Develop professional code of ethics for teachers and school leaders; and 
  7. Institute mechanism for registration and licensing of teachers, and implement registration and licensing, if required. 
Research Division

The Research Division shall spearhead educational research, and support research related to development of quality curriculum, effective professional development programmes, and formulation of curricular policies. 

The RD shall carry out the following responsibilities: 

  1. Identify, design, and conduct research on educational policies and practices; 
  2. Provide technical support on conducting research on curriculum and professional development; 
  3. Facilitate professional development on research theory and practice at School, Cluster, Dzongkhag, Regional, and National levels; 
  4. Provide relevant platforms, such as educational journals, seminars, and conferences, for dissemination of research; 
  5. Engage in joint research endeavours, and carry out research commissioned by national and international institutions; and 
  6. Serve as the secretariat for the Research and Ethics Committee for REC. 
Instructional Media Division

The IMD shall design and produce teaching learning materials to support the effective delivery of the curriculum. 

The IMD shall carry out the following responsibilities: 

  1. Design and produce teaching learning materials in print, graphics, audio, video, animation and multimedia to support school curricular needs, in collaboration with subject experts; 
  2. Research and recommend on instructional resources and instructional technologies (hardware and software) to support teaching and learning; 
  3. Assist in the integration of instructional technologies and best practices in the curriculum; 
  4. Collaborate with e-learning industry on design and development of instructional learning solutions; and 
  5. Design and deliver innovative educational technology programmes to support capacity development of REC professionals, teachers and school leaders.