ToR for Management Committee
The Management Committee is the Coadministrative body that guides and sets direction for fulfilment of the mandates of the organisation on a regular basis.


The Management Committee shall comprise of the following members.

   1.   Director General (Chairperson)
   2.   Dean, CDC
   3.   Dean, PDC
   4.   Division Chiefs
   5.   Unit Heads (as and when required)
   6.   Finance Officer
   7.   One Senior Professional (One Specialist)
   8.   One Junior Professional
   9.   Administrative Officer (Member Secretary)


The functions of the Management Committee shall be to:

  • Ensure that the plan of activities of REC fulfil its vision, mission and mandates, and establish the fundamental values, ethical principles and strategic direction.
  • Monitor and evaluate all areas of the organization’s performance.
  • Ensure that the organization complies with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements of the country.
  • Ensure that all budget, property and resources are properly utilized, managed and accounted for.
  • Institute and operationalize the Tender Committee (Opening, Evaluation, and Award) as per the procurement rules and regulations.
  • Ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place for managing staff, and necessary resources are provided.
  • Facilitate the establishment of linkages with national, regional and international institutional.
  • Finalize agenda for the Council and CTAB meetings.
  • Ensure implementation of the Council and CTAB meeting decisions.
  • Ensure implementation of government directives and decision of the national level meetings.
  • Institute reward/incentive mechanism to promote efficient delivery of service.


Responsibility of the Chairperson
The Chairperson shall:

  • Ensure regular convening of the Committee meetings.
  • Provide direction and guidance to the Committee.
  • Review and approve provisional agenda submitted by the Member Secretary.
  • Conduct effective Committee meetings by encouraging the members to engage in open and constructive debate, and secure active participation and contribution of all members.
  • Arbitrate and resolve conflicting opinions to reach consensus.
  • Delegate chairmanship to a member at ES Position Level in his/her absence.

Responsibility of the Member Secretary
The Member Secretary shall:

  • Inform the members regarding the date of meeting in advance.
  • Prepare the Agenda.
  • Coordinate meetings.
  • Keep minutes and records of meetings.
  • Finalize and circulate the minutes of the meetings among the members.
  • Coordinate and follow-up on all committee decisions.

In case of an emergency where members are not available in person, the member secretary shall arrange an appropriate means to make a decision in consultation with the chairperson and members.

Responsibility of the Members
The Members shall:

  • Be mandated to attend all meetings.
  • Engage in open and constructive debate.
  • Sign on the decision taken in all the meetings.
  • Maintain confidentiality on the decisions taken.


Decision Making
The decisions shall be taken through consensus of simple majority. In the event there is no consensus, the Chairperson shall make the final call through the exercise of his vote.

Frequency of meeting
The meeting shall be held as and when required.

The attendance of two-third of the members shall constitute the quorum.

Conflict of interest
The members shall inform and declare conflict of interest prior to any Committee meeting.