Launch of Revised Curriculum Frameworks


The New Normal Curriculum (NNC) based on a competency-based framework to suit the needs of changing times was launched in 2021. This was in response to the unprecedented COVID-19 situation. Accordingly, a curriculum framework that optimized on blended learning and focused on “why and how” of learning rather than on “what” of learning, primarily aimed at competency development, was introduced. It was later named as National School Curriculum (NSC) in 2021 by the Curriculum and Technical Advisory Board.

A year of implementation of NSC in our schools has enabled us to carefully study the nuances and associated challenges that have been highlighted by our teachers through numerous feedback and suggestions. The DCPD very mindfully incorporated all the relevant feedback and suggestions leading to a comprehensive review of the NNC.

The current version of NSC is expected to enable our teachers to provide learning experiences that will augment the growth of competencies of intellectual, performance and behavioural dispositions in our children.

The revised frameworks are available for download from our website under Curriculum Frameworks.