Implementation of Rationalized Curriculum and Revised Instructional Time 2019

Royal Education Council is pleased to convey the endorsement of rationalized curriculum and revised instructional time by the tripartite meeting of Ministry of Education, Royal Education Council and Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment held on March 27, 2019 for immediate implementation.

1.     The curriculum rationalization is based on the recommendations of the Bhutan Education Blueprint 2014-2024, the National School Curriculum Conference 2016 and the resolution of the 19th National Education Conference. The existing textbooks were reviewed: irrelevant content were screened out, obsolete content replaced with updated information, and errors rectified.

2.     In line with curriculum rationalization, instructional hours have been revised. All these changes shall be incorporated in the next editions/ reprints of the curriculum materials.

3.     All schools are advised to note the changes and implement them accordingly.


Details of rationalization in each subject and the revised instructional time are provided in the links below:

1. Revised Instructional Time Allocation 2019

2. Rationalized Subjects

  • Tshering lhamo says:

    Class x chemistry syllabus is not very clear. We are still confused which chapter 7 is out of syllabus? Because chapter 7 in the content is rate of reaction and inside the book is reversible reaction. Please clarify on it. It’s really confusing. We didn’t even get a clarification mail.

  • Kinley wangchuk says:

    The concern individuals need to edit the classes la. As we can see iv instead of VI la. And the of class VIII science topics also need editions la.

  • Kado says:

    Indeed, it is a great initiative of the REC as per the design and need of the 21st century. I am hopeful that while in the process of thinning the curriculum, important aspects of the learning are not put at stake.

    The abrupt thinning of curriculum, we are not sure as to how we should be implemented. Should we hold on the circular and implement in respective schools or should we wait for the Dzongkhag Education Offices’ direction for implementation? Ours is a common dzongkhag level common examination. Thus we remain in anticipation for the positive suggestion.

  • Phurpa Gyeltshen says:

    Great work REC

  • Kelzang Tadhi says:

    Thanks REC for the reduce of periods and instructional time.. but my question is that how if we take 50 minutes per period per week from clasd pp to iii.
    Can any one from REC can solve my problem or can we use wat u have given…
    Please advise me
    Kelzang Tashi

  • Sushila gurung,samtse hss says:

    Thank you REC for bringing the change.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am really confused what to teach from calculus part of Higher Seconday Business Mathematics

  • Sangay wangmo says:

    REC has done a grate job. I would like to suggest regarding the Dzongkha timing. It would be grateful if you could kindly increase the timing for class IX n X like English.
    Thank you.

  • Tashi Penjor Sherpa (GCS) says:

    I have doubt under Subject wise time and suggestive period allocation please
    If we are taking 8 periods of 40min a day, we are supposed to have 40 periods a week.
    But in the circular we found that No. of periods (per week) is less than 40 (i.e PP = 24, I = 24, II = 27 …)
    So this is leaving most of the classes vacant.
    We are confused on how to allocate the period.

    We would be grateful if you could clarify it la.
    Thank you

  • GELEK says:

    Excellent job done by REC, as all teachers across the country are in dire need of awareness and clarification regarding time allocation for subjects. T.hank you

  • Chador Lhendup says:

    I on be half of Lakhu Primary school (Punakha) would like to thank REC team for making our work light and convenient by minimizing teaching hours.

    • Tashi Tenzin says:

      Respected Sir,
      I think for me the total of 40 periods a week (5 instructional days) is entirely for periods only and not subject wise. For instance, if cl pp takes only Dzo or Eng or Math throughout the instructional days then no doubt it will make up 40 periods else, for respective subjects the 40 periods are divided amongst three pp subjects.
      Good night la.