New Normal Curriculum Frameworks

REC is pleased to bring out the New Normal Curriculum (NNC) frameworks for use in schools from 2021 academic year. The frameworks are available under the Curriculum Frameworks section on our website.

The NNC frameworks are premised on competency-based education that emphasizes students to develop and apply knowledge, skills and attitudes to new and challenging situations. This shift to mastery of competencies is aimed at helping our students successfully navigate their personal journeys in learning, living and working.

The frameworks are living documents and are constantly being improved upon to make them more readable, relevant and practical. Should you have any feedback on the frameworks, do write to us. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

  • Kelzang says:

    Where can we get SSP pack la?

  • Sonam Dorji says:

    I couldn’t find NNC for three science subjects for higher classes la.

  • Sangay wangchuk says:

    Where do I find the curriculum instructional

  • Tshering Gyeltshen says:

    From when and where can we access the instructional guides?

  • Tashi Dawa says:

    kindly upload all the 25 indicators to be implemented in 2021 with its specific MoVs la.

  • Jambay Dorji says:

    I have huge appreciation for the REC officials and other faculty who worked tirelessly on revitalizing our curriculum. I believe teachers give life to curriculum. At the core of curriculum is teachers. School Administration must create a enabling environment for implementation of curriculum. Give school men, money and material to make the NNC successful.

  • Wangpo Tenzin says:

    Yes, its well observed. Gradually, the collaboration among stakeholders is gaining momentum. The Education Council for Education Reform may also reinforce it.

  • yesipe says:

    Firstly, kindly fix the bugs in your website. We cant open the read more section and it has a much hamper on our device. Moreover, information can be missed.

  • Lungten says:

    Do we need to teach science in classes PP to III as it is reflected in the NNC. Or to teach as a multi-disciplinary subjects.

    • kinzangp says:

      PP to III science lesson will be integrated in language and mathematics. There will be no science subject in class PP to III.
      For further queries write to or

    • Wangpo says:

      There are two reasons. 1. To indicate the foundation of science, though taught integrated with other subjects. 2. The new Education road map aspires science taught as a subject KS 1. So slot is created to prepare for the inevitable of the priority of the Govt.

  • Khemnath Sharma says:

    Strand E is reflected as Measurements ,it should be Data and Probability for Class V and VI

  • Jambay says:

    I couldn’t find new normal curriculum for commerce.

    • kinzangp says:

      You can find the framework with the name Business and Entrepreneurship NCC Framework. The new curriculum which is going to be implemented from this year is Business and Entrepreneurship instead of Commerce.

  • Dawa Tshering says:

    A great move in right time. My suggestion, if applicable:
    1. How about having strict selection citeria(some sort of test or any measure to check the quality of curriculum developer) for curriculum developer. Right now certain pool of people known by REC officials or peers, dominate the team of curriculum developer and they become pool which determine the education system.
    2. How about having varied professional background to develop our school curriculum.
    3. How about having a expert deliberation before implementation.
    4. I still feel that there is need to have strong coordination among REC, DSE, BCSEA and RUB in delivery of plan and programme. The impact of the curriculum shall be measured after a decade or so.
    These are my opinion only…nothing to offend anyone

    • Wangpo Tenzin says:

      We understand all our teachers are professionals with their unique potentials, interest, capabilities, disposition, across the country. Engaging all in one go is suicidal. So, selected few are invited. It needs being active contributer with sincere intention.