REC is pleased to announce the following teachers to undergo Advanced Virtual Course on Place Based Education (PBE), organized by the Teton Science School, US, from April 12 to May 31, 2021.

Participants for Advanced Virtual Course PBE

  • Karma Tenzin says:

    If there is opportunity or room to participate I would be so grateful to participate.
    Karma Tenzin
    Social studies
    Wangsel institute for the Deaf

  • REC says:

    Education is a public good and education system cannot prevail in a silo. The PBL webinar seems territorial, defensive and sensitive to REC I guess.

  • Sangay Gyeltshen says:

    I have also attended PBE workshop for two to three times. If permit, I would like to attend la….
    I am taking science subjects in school la.
    Sangay Gyeltshen
    Kidhykhar CS

  • Younten says:

    ང་བཅས་ལུ་ གོ་སྐབས་མེད་ག་ལགས།

  • Sakteng LSS says:

    If there are any scope of training and orienting all teachers in a phased manner through such online sessions, the whole set of teachers might be benefitted la.

  • Dechen Pelden says:

    I would love to join a well la

  • Tenzin Chophel says:

    I too want to explore and learn about PBE. If there is any reservation then i would like to learn, grow and proliferate the idea.
    Tenzin Chophel
    Science (Class 7)
    Arekha Mss

  • Chandra Kumari Mongar says:

    I need textbook

  • Chimi Dem says:

    Need a text book

  • utp says:

    i want to laenan