Science Textbooks (Local Publications)

REC is pleased to share the soft copies of the following four classes IX and X Science textbooks by courtesy of the authors. The authors have been kind enough to make the soft copies available to support our students to study from home during this lockdown period. For the remaining Science textbooks, we have not received the soft copies from the authors and publishers. We will keep posted as we get further updates.

These textbooks are available for download from the link Textbooks and Guides under Publications menu.

  1. Class IX Physics
  2. Class X Physics
  3. Class X Biology
  4. Class X Chemistry


  • Yoezer pelden says:

    I need physis,biology and chemistry of class 10

  • Chimi says:

    Chemistry and biology notes la.
    Class x

  • Chimi says:

    I want chemistry and biology notes ..
    Class x

  • Chimi says:

    Chemistry and bio note
    Class x

  • Phurba Phurba says:


  • Puran Ghalley says:


  • @phurpa dema says:

    I need Physics,biology,chemistry note

  • Sangayphuntsho says:

    I need study textook of physics,biology,chemistry.

  • Tshewang Tashi says:

    Both class ten and eleven and twelve suce needed if possible.

  • Abishek says:

    I need chemistry text book of class 9

  • Karma says:

    I need physics notes of class 9

  • Karma says:

    I want chemistry notes

  • Pemayangzom says:

    How can I study physics

  • Pema Tendrel says:

    Class IX physics and biology textbook

  • Anisha pradhan says:

    For me it is much useful
    And can understand it

  • Anisha pradhan says:

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