Textbooks, teacher’s guides and other teaching and learning materials published by Royal Education Council are now available for download from our website. The soft copies are purposely provided to facilitate teachers and parents to support learning of our children during this lockdown.

Click on Textbooks and Guides to download the textbooks and other teaching and learning materials. It is listed under Publications menu at the top of the page. However, do note that a few textbooks such as Sciences for classes 11 and 12 are not available for download due to copyright reasons.

  • Environmental science of class 10

  • Use for teaching

  • I want text book copy la

  • Pema says:

    I want dzongkha textbook

  • Singay wangmo says:

    Primary math and secondary mathematics texttbook

  • Thinley Dema says:

    Text and guide book for Wangsel .

  • Tshering samten says:

    Need 12 text

  • Tshering Nangyel says:

    Good initiatives

  • Tshetrim says:

    I need class II text book and class Vl

  • Dorji Namgyal says:

    Can’t we get PP dzongkha handwriting book la. If rec have in soft copy please mail me in my given mail la.

  • Sangay chezom says:

    Commerce and accountancy

  • Dawa dema says:

    I want to learn About it

  • Dechen Dema says:

    Class VII English

  • Chencho om says:

    Thank you

  • Sonam Wangchuk says:

    Since I have 3 children; eldest in ninth std, middle one in fifth and youngest in PP m really in need of this soft copy to teach my child. Although teacher sends msg by WeChat but sometimes find difficult to understand la

  • Sherab Dorji says:

    Social study class IV and v

  • Pema Dema says:

    Text books to download

  • Phuntsho wangmo says:

    Dzongkha text books

  • Hey..i m a student..i want to study

  • Choki Wangchuk says:


  • i m a student of lhuentse higher secondary and I m very interest to learn..

  • Dorjila says:

    Your books for my children

  • Accountacy text book for class 12

  • Lhaba Lhaba says:

    Teacher’s guide book for accoutancy for class 11 and 12.

  • Pema yangdon says:

    Thanks you for the initiative

  • Kuenzang Tobgay says:

    12 Dzongkha 1&2
    Teacher guide book
    Any related for class 12

  • Tandin wangmo says:


  • Tandin wangmo says:

    Get mixed with higher textbook

  • Sangay Tshering 2008249 says:

    Good initiative

  • Sonam Tenzin says:

    text soft copy

  • Dechen Choezom says:

    I’m a student

  • Pema lhaden says:

    Can you upload class 2 English workbook

  • Lal says:


  • Great initiative

  • sonam lhamo says:

    Class ten history

  • Sonam Choden says:

    Student class 11

  • Lobzang Tshering says:

    I wants to download teacher, students and parents guide books

  • Dema says:

    Class 4, 7 & 9 text books la

  • Tshering choki says:

    Text: The True Son

  • Mani Dem says:

    soft coppies of dzo cl pp to six lashog and guide.

  • Cheten Zangpo says:

    Text book

  • Pema cheki says:

    It’s a great initiative

  • Mahesh Limbu says:

    How to download

  • nita enuwoo says:

    Good idea

  • Jigme Palden says:

    It would be easier for parents to guide if REC could share 2020 syllabus for all subjects for Class XII

  • Tashi says:

    Great job

  • Sonam Choden says:

    Class pp and 6 mathematics

  • Karma Jurmey says:


  • Tshering peday says:

    For class pp and Two

  • Jamyangloday says:

    Thank you for the information
    This would help us to study

  • Jamyangloday says:

    There is no app I searched it and my data was wasted

  • Tashi gyelmo says:


  • Leki Phuntsho says:


  • Dorji Phuntsho says:

    Very useful and benefits to students and teachers

  • Pabi Ghalay says:

    Thank you. I required this.

  • Mathematic text book

  • Surja man ghalley says:

    I need texbook

  • Chendu says:

    Down load book

  • Kelzang Wangmo says:


  • Sangay zangmo says:

    Great job done!

  • I am a student,class 7 E and I study in LMSS

  • Dechen says:

    Tq for that

  • Yeshey Namper says:

    class one maths and english

  • Phuentsho Phuentsho says:

    Need textboiks

  • Dorji Penjor says:

    Class PP & III dzo manual

  • Narayan kharka says:

    I am glad to see this initiative

  • Bunu says:

    How do we download the copy?

  • Namgay says:

    It’s useful for students as well as for teacher’s.

  • Class three reader
    Punakha Domchoe

  • Sangay pem says:

    Text book for class 8 maths

  • Dechen Choden says:


  • Pelbar Dorji says:

    It is good for the students and teacher while learning

  • Leki chophel says:

    No mathematic text for class eleven and twelve la.

    • Webmaster says:

      No, we do not have copyright to these textbooks. They are printed and published by publishers from India.

  • Webmaster says:

    If you do not find some textbooks (especially from classes 10-12) in the list, it’s because we do not have copyright and access to digital copies of these materials. They belong to respective publishers (from India).

    For those who cannot find download link to textbooks and teacher’s guides, here it is https://rec.gov.bt/textbooks-and-guides/

  • Sonam Chophel says:

    Class 10 text book

  • desang says:

    class nine biology

  • Sudarshan Adhikari says:

    Thank you so much for new revolution

  • Tashi Lham says:

    Class pp

  • Tandin says:

    Text book for class pp

    • Webmaster says:

      Lower primary level classes have no textbooks, but readers, activity books and workbooks.

  • Tshering peday says:

    This is good idea

  • Jamyang chimi says:

    Will it be same to school text book

  • Tandin gyeltshen says:

    I want copy text books

  • Tandin gyeltshen says:

    No optional text book for class 11

  • Thinly dorji says:

    I m interested

  • Yeshi Wangdi says:

    English for class IX and X

  • Karma Sonam says:

    it is good

  • Kezang Wangchuk says:

    class nine dzongkha Text book

  • Karma Tenzin says:

    With due respect to sir/ madam, it will be much confortable to teach my stds, if rec can upload more reading materials for dzongkha la

  • Kinley choden says:

    To joy the class

  • Phurpa Gyeltshen says:

    Looking for XI and XII Maths Soft Copies and III Teachers Guide (Maths)

  • Karma wangdi says:

    Chemistry textbook for class 10

  • Pem Zam says:

    This is good idea.

  • Sangay choden says:

    It is good idea

  • Sangay dema says:

    Class pp english text book

  • Yeshi phuntsho says:

    Class seven dzongkha textbook

  • Yeshi phuntsho says:

    ClassVII textbooks

  • སངས་རྒྱས་རིན་ཆེན། says:

    སློབ་རིམ་དང་ འཁྲིལ་རྫོང་ཁའི་ ལྷབ་དེབ་ཀྱི་རིགས་ཚུ་ཡང་ ཨིང་སྐད་ཀྱི་བཟུམ་སྦེ་ གནང་ཚུགས་པ་ཅིན་ བཀའ་དྲིན་ཆེ་ནི་མས་ལགས། སློབ་རིམ་ག་ར་གནང་མ་ཚུགས་རུང་ བློ་གསར་ལས་ གསུམ་པ་ཚུན་གནང་ཐབས་ ངེས་པར་དུ་མཛད་དགོཔ་འདུག།

  • Chokeey Wangmo says:

    It’s mainly for student’s

  • Chokeey Wangmo says:

    Class 12 Text book

  • Tashi Dema says:

    I am also the one who didn’t brought any of my text book because of two weeks holiday i thought i can ask friend but we need for so many days so it’s not feeling comfortable to borrow friends text la.

  • Sonam Dorji says:

    With due respect sir / madam it will more convenient if you can provide a soft copy of textbook for chemistry class ix

  • Ardni says:

    Class nine science text books(chemistry and biology) not uploaded..

  • Rinchen Tshomo says:

    It’s very glad if we have text n guide book

  • Tshering lhaden says:

    Thank you

  • Dorji Tshering says:

    It make so easy to learn in electronic device.

  • Namgyel Wangmo says:

    Dzongkha PP- VIII

  • Singye dorji says:

    Sir/ madam 12 BHSEC mathematics pages is missing.
    Only 205 pages are there.

    • Webmaster says:

      The publisher from India gave us only those chapters for now. They agreed to provide the remaining chapters after June if the current situation continues.

  • Dorji wangchuk says:

    Can i have Dzongkha text for 8 and 9 grade.

  • Pasang Dhoendup says:

    There didn’t have a class ten Economics textbook in the folder there have only guide for class ten to twelve so if you have copyright textbooks please share us we are very thankful to you.

    • Webmaster says:

      All the textbooks we have are uploaded in the folder. If they are books from publishers outside of Bhutan, we do not have soft copies.

  • Sangayphuntsho says:

    All subject

  • Leki Tshering says:

    This is helpful

  • Leki Tshering says:

    Both Dzongkha textbook for class 12

  • Chimi Dema says:

    Class 2 maths textbook and class 3 maths textbook.

  • Karma Wangchuk says:

    Class IX and X textbook

  • Pema Wangdra says:

    Please share us a copy of lhadri guide book (elective subject). We will be thankful for your consideration

  • Sonam says:

    Can we have textbook for Physics and biology for classes Xl la (Not practical)

  • Dorwang says:

    History text

    • Webmaster says:

      All textbooks that are available with us are in respective class folders. Classes XI and XII has no World History textbooks.

  • Pema Tenzin Lhamo says:

    I want textbook of english for class 9

  • Mani Dem says:

    Class ii, iii, v dzongkha text and readers

  • Jigme Tenzin says:

    Will get worksheet in dzongkha for class 1 and 2

  • Changa dorji says:

    It seems that most of the student didn’t brought text book from the school due to miscommunication in information la so now we are pretty sure that the school will not be open for some longer duration so it could be better if we can get the soft copy of text book la

  • Subbash Subba. says:

    Dzongkha text book